The Perfect Drive

The Set Up Stick is the only complete tool offering the golfer simple and immediate visual feedback to ensure proper body and ball position. Using The Set Up Stick, the golfer can determine their individual stance width and ball position using simple colors and numbers. The Set Up Stick creates the ideal starting position for every golfer.

Profit from the Pros

I developed The Set Up Stick so amateurs and professionals alike could share in the value of perfect set up. Professionals have always paid precise attention to the things they do before they swing, such as ball position, stance width, and perfect balance. The Set Up Stick allows every golfer the ability to adjust their set up so they too can set up like the professionals.





Three Steps to an Amazing Swing

The Set Up Stick has 3 easy steps. Pick a club you wish to hit. Place the ball in the right position according to the marks on the stick. Then, choose the proper color for a comfortable, balanced foot position. Use the same color on both sides to assure proper balance.

Step 1. Choose Your Club

Choose the golf club you wish to practice with.

Step 2. Position the Ball

Place the ball on the ground across from the correct club marking approximately 3 inches from the stick.

Step 3. Get Comfortable

Choose the width of your stance, which is marked on the stick by color code. Use the same colors on both the right and left foot to assure perfect balance.

Step 4. Take Your Shot!

You can assure that your swing will have the correct body alignment and ball positioning every time.

What They are Saying

The Set Up Stick allows you to make your position more effective

Jeff Farley

9-Time World Long Ball Finalist

Gordon Fitzel


The Set Up Stick has definitely helped me with my setup and my adjustments.

The Set Up Stick helps me keeps more balance and more consistent with my ball position.

Matt Lutz

Golf Student

Sydney Marks

Champion Golfer Huntington Beach High School

The Set Up Stick is my favorite training aid.


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